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Yellow-crowned Night Herons

Rare sightings of a pair of Yellow-crowned Night-Herons started in April and have been found in El Dorado Park and the Nature Center.  Cindy Crawford took this photo at the creek on Snake Road.  They’re typically found in the southeast of the US, parts of Mexico, Central America, and coastal regions of South America. The following is […]

International Migratory Bird Day Saturday 5-13-17

In recognition of International Migratory Bird Day, El Dorado Audubon will be joining with El Dorado Park Nature Center for   Conservation the Length of the Americas From Arctic tundra to South American wetlands The birds of the Pacific Flyway depend on a diverse chain of habitats, from Arctic tundra and northwestern rainforest to tropical […]

Synergy Tour

November 4, 2016; This early Friday morning, El Dorado Audubon’s president Janice Dahl (olive green shirt), conservation chair Mary Parsell (turquoise shirt) and committee member Cindy Crawford (blue print shirt) along with the chapter’s attorney Doug Carstens (back left), and our biologist Robb Hamilton (back right) tour the Synergy property and Steam Shovel Slough courtesy of the company’s […]

Save Los Cerritos Wetlands & Steam Shovel Slough

El Dorado Audubon the only environmental group to defend Steam Shovel Slough, the last pristine historical remnant of Los Cerritos Wetlands that was the estuary of the San Gabriel River, before the river was imprisoned in concrete.  To read more go to www.lbreport.com/news/aug16/lcwa1.htm  by Bill Pearl.

Earth Day Garden Party

Catherine and Robert Waters hosted El Dorado Audubon’s Earth Day and Garden Party in their native plant garden. Our biologist, Robb Hamilton (left green shirt), our chapter’s founder, Charlie Collins (tan shirt and pants); and our host, Robert Waters (hat, right) enjoy the garden with other Audubon members.  Thank you Cat and Bob for hosting this […]

Earth Day Garden Party Sunday April 24

All Audubon members are welcome to celebrate Earth Day at the garden party hosted by Catherine and Bob Waters on Sunday April 24 from 1:00 – 5:00 PM in Downey. Decades long members and supporters of the Audubon Society, they are native plant gardeners who created a small bird sanctuary and native plant garden on […]