Walk at Rancho Los Cerritos Recap

By Carolyn Vance

 Our very first bird walk at Rancho Los Cerritos in September was a huge success! Fall migration was on, even though it was a beautiful end-of-summer day.  Not only did we see Canada geese and Western gulls flying over, we had two Olive-sided Flycatchers and a Western Wood-peewee.  Of course, we also saw the ever-present Allen’s Hummingbirds, Black Phoebes, Mourning Doves, Bushtits, and Western Bluebirds.   Robins, House Finches and California Towhees were also around, and we heard a Red-shouldered Hawk calling from outside the Rancho.

Many, many thanks to Kim Moore, our big expert; Merryl Edelstein, Rancho Garden Docent; Jerry Millett, member of El Dorado Audubon’s monthly survey here and Rancho Horticulturist Marie Barnidge-McIntyre for their help with such a large group and answering everyone’s questions!  At the end of the walk, we had seen 21 species of bird, smelled wonderful plants and had big grins on our faces from the marvelous walk.

Join us on February 8, 2018 for our second walk, which will give us our winter birds.

Pictured below birds seen on this walk, female House Finch (left), female Western Bluebird (right), photo credit Kim Moore, including the group photo — Thanks Kim!

Second Sunday Nature Center Bird Walk

Another fine birding event- expertly led by Elias Zuniga.  Spring activity is building at the nature center and this is a great way to get a close up look.  Highlights included: Soaring red-shouldered, sharp-shinned, and Cooper’s hawks, a diving osprey, a buoyant swarm of white-throated swifts, and a pair of wood ducks.  Singing orange-crowned warblers, house wrens, and common yellowthroats- soon to be joined by colorful waves of neotropical migrants.  Next month’s walk on April 10 should be exceptional!

Los Cerritos Wetlands Bird Walk

An excellent morning of birding!  Highlights included: a small band of pintails, a group of green-winged teal, a white-tailed kite, a sharp-shinned hawk, northern harrier, osprey, great horned owl, a hooded oriole, and what we’re pretty sure was a stilt sandpiper. (Whoops!!  Just a dowitcher).

Next week is Gum Grove Park.

Next month’s LCW walk on April 9th should be especially productive because of the recent rains.  Please consider joining us!  Check our events calendar for more information.