Pacific-slope flycatchers

An early migrant coming up from the western coast of mainland Mexico and lower Baja.  They seek out the shady understory of trees in parks and backyards.  A few stick around, but most make their way up to forested mountain canyons for the summer.  Usually heard before seen, the call is described as “high and thin, with three distinct repeated phrases tsip, klseewi, ptik.”  As of this morning (3/31) there’s one hanging out on the 1/4 mile trail at the nature center.  Photo by Jerry Millett.

Up next…. western tanagers!

Soon appearing in treetops of backyards and neighborhood parks.  If you attend our field trip to Irvine Regional Park on April 19 there is a strong possibility of seeing one or more.  Sometimes they migrate in small flocks!  Check our events calendar for more information. Photo by Jerry Millett on one of last year’s trips.

The orioles have arrived!

The orioles (both hooded and Bullock’s) started showing up in numbers about 2 weeks ago.  Keep your eyes & ears open.  Look for flowering trees, especially silk oaks.  Hoodeds are also attracted to, and build their nests in, palm trees.  This male Bullock’s was photographed by Kim Moore on our field trip to Whittier Narrows.  He is in a flowering California walnut tree.

Second Sunday Nature Center Bird Walk

Another fine birding event- expertly led by Elias Zuniga.  Spring activity is building at the nature center and this is a great way to get a close up look.  Highlights included: Soaring red-shouldered, sharp-shinned, and Cooper’s hawks, a diving osprey, a buoyant swarm of white-throated swifts, and a pair of wood ducks.  Singing orange-crowned warblers, house wrens, and common yellowthroats- soon to be joined by colorful waves of neotropical migrants.  Next month’s walk on April 10 should be exceptional!

Los Cerritos Wetlands Bird Walk

An excellent morning of birding!  Highlights included: a small band of pintails, a group of green-winged teal, a white-tailed kite, a sharp-shinned hawk, northern harrier, osprey, great horned owl, a hooded oriole, and what we’re pretty sure was a stilt sandpiper. (Whoops!!  Just a dowitcher).

Next week is Gum Grove Park.

Next month’s LCW walk on April 9th should be especially productive because of the recent rains.  Please consider joining us!  Check our events calendar for more information.

Open Garden Event

Come out and meet your local fellow Audubon members and supporters and enjoy a spring day in the garden!


On Sunday, April 24 from 1 to 5 in the afternoon, there will be an Open Garden event in Downey for the members of the local Audubon Chapters.  Decades long members and supporters of the Audubon Society, Cat and Bob Waters are native plant gardeners who put in a small bird sanctuary on a vacant lot adjacent to their house.  Planted mainly in California native plants, the Sanctuary has hosted 130 species of birds since its opening day and the list grows every year.  In past years the garden has been shown on the Theodore Payne Foundation annual native plant garden tour and featured in WildBird, Hobby Farm and Backyard Birding magazines.


Flat shoes are suggested.  Closely watched children accompanied by parent(s) are welcome.  Photography is OK.  The garden is partially accessible.  A bathroom is available.  And, light refreshments will be served.


Please RSVP to  or leave a message at 562-869-6718 and the address and any other details will be relayed.

Volunteer Opportunities at Seal Beach NWR

Seal Beach NWR 01/09/2016


Held the 1st Wednesday of each month from 8:00 am to 12 noon.  Check our events calendar for more information.

Also note the free public tours offered the last Saturday of the month (except December).

Photo credit:  © Kim Moore