The Goldfinch Experience

Can you find the 6 future birders quietly hiding behind this sunflower patch? Good!!  Neither can the lesser and American goldfinches who feast on the seeds daily.

I’ve been training some of the kids who stop by the garden before school or during recess to practice standing still and let the “show” come to them.  An antidote for excess video games?? Besides goldfinches, we’ve also been rewarded with close looks at Anna’s and Allen’s hummingbirds.  Just outside our classroom a pair of black phoebes built a nest and successfully raised a brood.  Say’s phoebes nested on an air conditioning unit and a pair of western bluebirds used the downspout of a rain gutter to start their family.  Contact with nature is possible, even in a deeply urban area like Bellflower.

We’re looking to grow the education facet of our Audubon chapter.  If you have any interest in this sort of thing, please send us an email.


Here are the same six students out in the open.



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