Bluebird Box Shed

Not really sure who coordinated/constructed this shed (probably Roger), but what a great addition to our bluebird program.  Now we can safely house the boxes in the off season.  Thank you to all parties involved!

blue (1)

Earth Day Garden Party, by Janice Dahl


Catherine and Robert Waters hosted El Dorado Audubon’s Earth Day and Garden Party in their native plant garden.IMG_2208[1] Our biologist, Robb Hamilton (left green shirt), our chapter’s founder, Charlie Collins (tan shirt and pants); and our host, Robert Waters (hat, right) enjoy the garden with other Audubon members.  Thank you Cat and Bob for hosting this event again at your home.

Shorebird Migration

Things start to get a little confusing this time of year!  Western and least sandpipers are difficult enough (black vs. yellow legs) add a semipalmated sandpiper or two into the mix and you’ve got the recipe for some lively discussions.  Long-billed vs. short-billed dowitcher is tricky, as is greater vs. lesser yellowlegs- unless you see them next to each other.  Try not to get fooled by sanderlings, red knots, dunlins, or Baird’s sandpipers.  I was just starting to get the terns figured out and now this!

Big thanks to Kim Moore for the dazzling photo!

Los Cerritos Wetlands: Before Restoration 2016

The preservation and restoration of Los Cerritos Wetlands is a complex and continually unfolding process.  Our chapter has a strong interest in participating.

Our goal is to ensure that any restoration work is rooted in the idea of maximizing the ecological health of the site.

Our concern is that when business interests are involved, as they are here, economic expediency tends to direct restoration activity.

If we are not vigilant, we run the risk of being left with a restored site that meets the minimal standards of acceptability.

Please click this link for detailed info: