Now is the time to do this  — SEASP* plan is expected to go to the City of Long Beach Planning Commission in November and to City Council in December.

*City of Long Beach Southeast Area Specific Plan

Los Cerritos Wetlands, SEASP

Los Cerritos Wetlands, SEASP

South Coast Botanic Garden

Our first field trip of the season was a great success with 9 of us participating!  South Coast Botanic Garden is a beautiful place and had lots of birds that were very easy to see.  We got our target bird of Scaly-breasted Munia (aka: Nutmeg Mannikin) bathing in a fountain and in a nearby tree.  Other highlights were the newly named California Scrub-jay, one of whom had just caught a nice fat bug: California Towhees running all over the place: Mockingbirds chasing each other around: a fly-over Cooper’s hawk; a Western Wood peewee; and a Pacific-slope flycatcher, Wilson’s and Orange-crowned warblers for a total of 23 species.  Many thanks to Kim Moore for taking photos of us and our target bird. Come out and join us on our next birding trip to see what you’ve been missing!



The Season of Vagrancy

September and October are premier months for vagrants.  These are birds that have strayed from their expected migration paths.  Birders tend to get excited about unusual sightings, especially ones from the wood-warbler family.  Keep your eyes open for the following types of warblers; Canada, Prothonotary, Black-and-white, Blackburnian, and Chestnut-sided.  Also look for American Redstarts and maybe even a Painted Bunting or two.  Many others are possible.

They tend to drop down and pile up along the coast as they try to figure out their strategy for tackling the “big water” (Pacific Ocean).

Local parks to investigate include; El Dorado, Gum Grove, Huntington Central, DeForest, Monte Verde, Mile Square, and Mason Regional.  Check our events calendar.

Photo of a Black-and-white Warbler by Kim Moore.