October Field Trip Report

By Carolyn Vance, Trip Leader

We had another great day of birding at Golden Shore Marine Reserve in Long Beach, increasing our species count from last month to 29.  We also got really great, up close looks at lots of shorebirds, which were our target birds(s), with 6 different species seen.  The shorebirds were a Long-billed Curlew, a Greater Yellowlegs, a Whimbrel (who was standing next to the  curlew so we got really good comparisons), a dozen Marbled Godwits, lots of Willets, and the bird of the day were 2 Spotted Sandpipers in winter plumage (no spots on their breasts).

We also had 4 terns (Royal, Elegant, Caspian & Forster’s), lots of Brown Pelicans soaring just over the water, a Belted Kingfisher on a post, lots of Double-crested Cormorants & Western Grebes and 2 Osprey.  The trees in the parking lot yielded a Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Orange-crowned & Yellow-rumped warblers as well (yes, the butter-butts are back).  The last bird of the day, which flew by us as we were leaving, was the ever delightful Black Phoebe.  (Hey, what’s a birding trip without a Black Phoebe?!?!?!)

Many thanks to Anne Belle Rice for the group photo (look above our heads & to the back) and Kim Moore for the other bird photos.  They all can be seen at the eBird website, at www.ebird.org.  Come out and join us our next birding trip to the JPL Trail on November 8th to help us increase our species and participant count, as well as search for our Target Bird, the Phainopepla.  AND, you never know what else we might see!  Oh, and follow the Chapter on Twitter (@edaudubon) as well.  (Tweet!)


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