Vagrant Watch 2016

By Jeff Moore

I thought it would be interesting to “keep score” of vagrant sightings during the fall migration.  I’m focusing on 4 local parks.  Please keep in mind, this list is not comprehensive and some of these sightings may be of the same bird on different days.  I’ll update through mid-November.  Any input with additional information would be appreciated.  The photo shows a Blackpoll Warbler at DeForest Park.  It was found and photographed by Kim Moore and Merryl Edelstein.

  1. DeForest Park: Palm Warbler, Summer Tanager, Virginia’s Warbler (10/1); Blackpoll Warbler (10/4); Black-and-White Warbler (10/6); Tennessee Warbler (10/8).
  2. Huntington Central Park: Northern Waterthrush (9/4); Black-and-White Warbler (9/30); Painted Redstart (10/1); Bobolink (10/2); Palm Warbler (10/4); Female Summer Tanager (10/5); Dusky Warbler (10/8); Male Summer Tanager (10/9).
  3. El Dorado Park: Palm Warbler (10/4); Tropical Kingbird (10/8); Gray Catbird (10/11).
  4. West San Gabriel Parkway Nature Trail: Canada Warbler (9/17); Northern Waterthrush (9/24); Bobolink (10/2); Magnolia Warbler (10/22); Palm Warbler (10/22); Dickcissel (10/23); Gray Catbird (11/2).
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