Synergy Tour

November 4, 2016; This early Friday morning, El Dorado Audubon’s president Janice Dahl (olive green shirt), conservation chair Mary Parsell (turquoise shirt) and committee member Cindy Crawford (blue print shirt) along with the chapter’s attorney Doug Carstens (back left), and our biologist Robb Hamilton (back right) tour the Synergy property and Steam Shovel Slough courtesy of the company’s partner and project operator John McKeown (back middle).  The group is standing next to the “Discovery Well” dated August 4, 1926.  In addition to touring the property and birding along the way, we met to talk over aspects of their restoration project and mitigation bank that are of environmental concerns to Audubon and to achieve a win-win outcome for everyone.

Photos provided by Cindy Crawford and Heather Altman.