Update–Christmas Bird Count

Thank you to all who participated!

Our newsletter editor is looking for first hand reports from count participants, especially from those participating for the first time and anyone teenage or younger.  Please send any comments or reports to lynkraatz@hotmail.com, subject matter “birds”.  Please submit on or before Friday, Jan. 11th to be published in the February newsletter. Also, list your name and city and tell Lyn if you want your last name listed.

We expect our CBC report and bird count to be published in our February newsletter.  Our preliminary report is 183 species with 4 Count Week birds for a total of 187 species!  Count Week birds were Red-breasted Merganser, European Goldfinch, two Short-eared Owls and seven Barn Owls.  Our CBC team is still working on the rare bird counts and more, many thanks to all their hard work organizing this important citizen science effort and of course we couldn’t do this without our volunteers—thank you!

Happy New Year!