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Field Trip Report–Ralph C. Dills Park, Paramount

Big thanks to Donna for leading this great walk!  Beautiful spot, very birdy – 23 species observed, see the eBird checklist at https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S52901845 Field Trip Report, Ralph Dills Park, by Donna Bray: February 16, 2019, twelve birders had the opportunity to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count by attending the field trip at Ralph […]

Update–Christmas Bird Count

Thank you to all who participated! Our newsletter editor is looking for first hand reports from count participants, especially from those participating for the first time and anyone teenage or younger.  Please send any comments or reports to lynkraatz@hotmail.com, subject matter “birds”.  Please submit on or before Friday, Jan. 11th to be published in the […]

Los Cerritos Wetlands (LCW) Project Approved by Coastal Commission

As we have shared in our announcements, the first major restoration at Los Cerritos Wetlands was recently approved by the Coastal Commission on December 13th, 2018, the BOMP Oil Consolidation/Wetlands Restoration Project, which Audubon supports.  This project is often characterized by the media as controversial because some environmentalists oppose.  Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority, Los Cerritos […]

Unusual Suspect

While participating in Cornell Lab’s “Project Feeder Watch” this season, I noticed a different visitor at my feeders.  Turns out this bright yellow bird with distinct gray cap, eye line and malar or “moustache stripe” (below the eye) is an exotic species, thought to be a pet trade escapee native to Africa, the common name […]

Join Our New Volunteer Pool!

This is a no pressure, lend a helping hand if and when you can opportunity.  Just provide us your name, interests and phone number and when the need arises we’ll give you a call and check if you are available to help.  Why volunteer? There are lots of good reasons. Here are a few: Meet […]