Western Bluebird Nest Box Monitoring

Western Bluebird Eggs

Western Bluebird Eggs

As our Western Bluebird nest box monitoring season comes to a close, we’d like to shout out a big thank you to all the monitoring volunteers! Next year we’ll have plenty of extra nest boxes and we are looking for help. If you would like to become a Bluebird Nest Box Monitor, please send an email to support@eldoradoaudubon.org attention Jerry Millett, or use the contact form on our website. Program orientation happens around Feb 2018, nest boxes are hung in the trees in local parks around Feb/Mar 2018. El Dorado Audubon’s nest box monitoring program data is submitted to the California Bluebird Recovery Program. To learn more about this bird conservation effort see http://www.cbrp.org/documents/cbrp_flyer_new.pdf and https://bluebirdssc.wordpress.com/

Banded Canada Goose at El Dorado Duck Pond

El Dorado Duck Pond, Photo Cindy Crawford

El Dorado Park Duck Pond, Photo by Cindy Crawford


Saturday, 2/11/17, member Cindy Crawford was at El Dorado Park Duck Pond checking out the Winged Wonders Tour when she came across a banded Canada Goose. Cindy took photos and called the phone number on the band to report the sighting. All we know at this point is the bird was banded somewhere in Los Angeles on 8/14/15. The banding lab will research further and let us know. We’ll post an update when available.  Cindy received a Certificate of Appreciation in the mail; good job Cindy!

On another note, check out the Winged Wonders educational self-guided tour and all the waterfowl hanging around the duck pond lately, which includes American Wigeon, Ruddy Duck, Northern Shoveler and more. There are 24 banners around the pond and each with a number. Call the number on the banner which is 562/257-3608 and then press 1# to hear the intro and then continue on by pressing any number 2 through 24 followed by the # sign.


Synergy Tour

November 4, 2016; This early Friday morning, El Dorado Audubon’s president Janice Dahl (olive green shirt), conservation chair Mary Parsell (turquoise shirt) and committee member Cindy Crawford (blue print shirt) along with the chapter’s attorney Doug Carstens (back left), and our biologist Robb Hamilton (back right) tour the Synergy property and Steam Shovel Slough courtesy of the company’s partner and project operator John McKeown (back middle).  The group is standing next to the “Discovery Well” dated August 4, 1926.  In addition to touring the property and birding along the way, we met to talk over aspects of their restoration project and mitigation bank that are of environmental concerns to Audubon and to achieve a win-win outcome for everyone.

Photos provided by Cindy Crawford and Heather Altman.




Now is the time to do this  — SEASP* plan is expected to go to the City of Long Beach Planning Commission in November and to City Council in December.

*City of Long Beach Southeast Area Specific Plan

Los Cerritos Wetlands, SEASP

Los Cerritos Wetlands, SEASP

Los Cerritos Wetlands: Before Restoration 2016

The preservation and restoration of Los Cerritos Wetlands is a complex and continually unfolding process.  Our chapter has a strong interest in participating.

Our goal is to ensure that any restoration work is rooted in the idea of maximizing the ecological health of the site.

Our concern is that when business interests are involved, as they are here, economic expediency tends to direct restoration activity.

If we are not vigilant, we run the risk of being left with a restored site that meets the minimal standards of acceptability.

Please click this link for detailed info:  http://www.caopenspace.org/saveloscerritoswetlands.html


Black-crowned Night-Heron & Snowy Egret Rookery

A victory for the birds!  Thank you to our conservation chair, Mary Parsell for her heroic efforts in protecting the nesting black-crowned night herons and snowy egrets in this tree.  This juvenile black-crowned (one of at least a dozen) has favorable odds of making it into adulthood.

Checking Bluebird Boxes

blue I’ve enjoyed walking a route and checking bluebird nest boxes in El Dorado Park for the past several years.  This year, I was fortunate enough to be able to share the experience with a handful of community members.  Baby bluebirds seem like a
potentially  promising mechanism to connect the next generation to the wonders of nature.  We put the boxes up in late February and checked them on May 14.  Eggs, newly hatched babies, fledglings, and…. two boxes with house wrens!

This season, there’s only three of us walking routes and we have many boxes sitting idle in a garage that never got placed.  If you think you might be interested in this sort of activity for next year, shoot us an email and we’ll hook you up!

P.S. Sorry Michael, this was the best picture that I had.


Open Garden Event

Come out and meet your local fellow Audubon members and supporters and enjoy a spring day in the garden!


On Sunday, April 24 from 1 to 5 in the afternoon, there will be an Open Garden event in Downey for the members of the local Audubon Chapters.  Decades long members and supporters of the Audubon Society, Cat and Bob Waters are native plant gardeners who put in a small bird sanctuary on a vacant lot adjacent to their house.  Planted mainly in California native plants, the Sanctuary has hosted 130 species of birds since its opening day and the list grows every year.  In past years the garden has been shown on the Theodore Payne Foundation annual native plant garden tour and featured in WildBird, Hobby Farm and Backyard Birding magazines.


Flat shoes are suggested.  Closely watched children accompanied by parent(s) are welcome.  Photography is OK.  The garden is partially accessible.  A bathroom is available.  And, light refreshments will be served.


Please RSVP to cpannellwaters@yahoo.com  or leave a message at 562-869-6718 and the address and any other details will be relayed.

Volunteer Opportunities at Seal Beach NWR

Seal Beach NWR 01/09/2016


Held the 1st Wednesday of each month from 8:00 am to 12 noon.  Check our events calendar for more information.

Also note the free public tours offered the last Saturday of the month (except December).

Photo credit:  © Kim Moore

Colorado Lagoon Bird & Nature Walk

The Colorado Lagoon is a great birding spot in Long Beach.  The last Sunday of every month a group called the Friends of Colorado Lagoon (FOCL) hosts a bird/nature walk designed to both celebrate nature and build community interest.  They have many restoration activities planned for this spring.  You can check our events calendar for a schedule of their bird walks, or better yet, go to http://www.coloradolagoon.org for a full schedule of upcoming volunteer opportunities.