Newsletter Labeling

By Carolyn Vance

For over 12 years, Eleanor Palmer has hosted us for newsletter labeling. She has graciously opened her home to us, month after month, sometimes supplying us with food and drink, but always supplying us with wonderful conversation and great looks at all the wonderful birds that come to her yard and feeders. We have all enjoyed every last minute of volunteering with you, Eleanor! Thank you so very much for all your years of service.

I would also like to thank “the usual subjects,” those men and women who routinely show up to help put out the monthly California Least Tern newsletter for El Dorado Audubon. They are Ramona Glass, Cathy Hodge, Miguel Flores, Jerry Millett, Betty Rainey, Lee Edgecomb, Tobi Neer, Patty Benoit and Jane Smith. You help those hours fly by with your conversation!

Our labeling day is usually the fourth Thursday of the month (except November), starting at 1:00 p.m. It takes approximately two hours to put on the wafer seals and address labels. If you are able to help out, please contact me, Carolyn Vance at 562.594.7589 for the address to our new location. Thank you.